I went to Ash with a terrible pain in my hip, it was keeping me up at night, every night and really getting me down. It turned out it wasn’t ‘my hip’ but pain that was emanating from muscles spasming elsewhere in the area. Ash has been incredible at alleviating the pain. She really understands how the body works & knows what to do to help relieve symptoms.

Faye Ralph


I had excruciating back/hip pains which made it impossible to walk any further than a few feet. I got booked in immediately with Ash which she thoroughly examined my back and hip, took notes on my history of injuries and began treatment. 30 minutes of treatment and I was able to stand up straight and move around comfortably. I felt like a new woman after my first treatment, my back was pain free. Ash truly is amazing at what she does, I can't recommend her enough.

Melody Cox


After suffering with back pain focussed in the lower back and later moving down the sciatic nerve for the past 7 years, I have seen countless professionals for various treatments, diagnosis and plans to move forward with.

Over the years I have learnt what works for my body and what doesn’t, the type of treatment that I respond to and what will cause me more pain. Unfortunately not all professionals are willing to listen to your history and experiences.


This is why I would absolutely recommend Ash for anyone suffering from any physical ailments. She has always listened to what I have to say and always approached each session differently to see if my body would react favourably.


She’s helped me manage any issues I’ve come across over the past year, from my lower back to my shoulders with amazing effect.

Avinash Hirani


I did my neck in last year, and I was recommended by my cousin to go to Aaishwarya for physio. I had about 4 sessions (I think, add in how much you think I had) and it made alot of difference to not only my neck, but my whole body. It felt much better and my pain was easing off! Aaishwarya is a very bubbly and welcoming physiotherapist! I would definitely recommend her for sure!

Miksha Hirani